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If you love your dog like your child shouldn't you have some pictures of them hanging in your house? and shouldn't they be professional pictures, not just ones taken from your cell phone? I can help with that! After dog training, my next big love is photography. I was awarded a Scholastics Art and Writing Gold Key from the Alliance of Young Artist and Writers in 2007 and have taken numerous photography courses over the years. I actually went to college for Zoo Science partially in the hopes that if I studied animal behaviors, I could take better pictures of them. I worked at a portrait studio in PA for 2 years before moving back to NY and becoming a dog trainer. Having the opportunity to take amazing pictures of dogs ( and their families) is one of my favorite parts of being a trainer. With my dog training and behavior knowledge, I can get them to stay in positions and do things that many other photographers cannot. 

Portrait Sessions are $250 for 1 hour of shooting plus a flash drive with up to 50 edited images to use however you want. To book your session or contact me with any questions click here. 

Dogs in Training

Being part of my family means getting pictures taken of you (A LOT of pictures taken of you). That is why every dog staying with us for a Sleepover Camp experience gets a free photoshoot and an 8x10 print of themselves to take home as a reminder of their time with us. Click the image above to check out some of my favorites here. Ask about pricing for additional photography add-ons when you book your training stay. 

Family Portraits

A family portrait is not completed without the furrier members of the family too. After your pup has been through a training course with me it is so easy to get them in your next family photo session. Why not make it even easier by having their trainer be their photographer? Click the image above to see some of my favorite family portraits I have done with some of my clients! 

Dogs and Kids

Is there anything more precious than the bond between a child and their dog?Childhood and dogs are both such fleeting things in life. I think that is why I love capturing these special moments so much. Click the image above to Check out more super sweet shots of kids with their furry best friends. 

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