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About Mother of Dog!

Hi, I'm Jess. Professionally, I am a Dog Trainer, Photographer, Groomer, Artist, and Podcaster. At home, I am a Mother, Wife, Daughter, Aunt, Niece, Cousin, Friend, and an over all Animal Lover!

Of all the things I consider myself, MOTHER will always be number one! I believe that being a mother is one of the greatest jobs anyone could ever have on earth. (it's also one of the toughest) I also believe that being a mother doesn't necessarily mean you actually gave birth to your babies. In fact, your children might not even be the same SPECIES as you. To me, being a mother is to love and care for someone else and put their needs ahead of your own. So, whether your children walk on two feet or four, call you Mom, Mama, Auntie, Grandma, Mema, even Daddy or Papa, or they just bark at you, they are your children and they deserve the best of everything this world has to offer. That is why I started Mother of Dog; to help dog parents and human parents alike to understand that training a "good" dog is not all that different from raising a "good" child. 

My goal at Mother of Dog is to provide you with everything you need to make your dog not only a loved and cherished PART of your family , but a respectful and productive MEMBER of your Family as well

Our Services

Whether you are looking for some help with your naughty dog, you want some amazing pictures taken with the furrier members of your family, your pup's "do" could use a spruce, you're looking to buy something uniquely special for that animal lover in your life, or you are just looking for some more information on your new favorite podcast, You have come to the right place!

Dog Training                                                                                             

brindle dog with purple leash on place in petstore in front of fish tank

Join the family with training packages custom built for your dog! Schedule a free consultation with me over the phone or in person. Click here to find out more about my training programs and to set up your consultation. 



After a long week of training or maybe before a photoshoot, your pup could use a little pampering... No need to take them anywhere else, I do grooming too! Click here to see my grooming options. 

Pet Friendly Photography                                                                           


I love to use my training skills and knowledge to take amazing pictures of pets with or without their families. Click here to find out more about my photography packages!

Paint Your Own Pet Parties                                                                        


If you have a child who loves animals, a group of friends that adore their fur babies or even are associated with some kind of animal related business/organization, I have the event for you! You can sign up for any previously scheduled event by pressing the button below. If you would like to book your own Pet Painting Party or any other type of fun art party, please go to our contact page and message me for now. (we are currently working on creating a separate site for this. Thank you for your patience.)

Personalized Merchandise                                                                           

personalized product mock ups

Once you have amazing pictures of your family or pets, why not make those pictures into one-of-a-kind artwork and/or put them on some awesome custom merchandise for all the pet lovers in your family? Click here to check out my online store or contact me below for custom orders.

Dog/Kid Training Podcast                                                                           

kids vs. dogs social aniamls vs. pack animals

Have kids? Have dogs? Learn a little bit more about my training philosophies by listening to my podcast here. 

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